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Baker & McKenzie's Global Privacy App lets you tap into a wealth of privacy knowledge and insights at the touch of a button.


Baker & McKenzie's online Global Privacy Handbook tool outlines the privacy requirements of countries around the globe via a dynamic user-friendly platform.



Baker & McKenzie's iG360 platform can help you navigate the stormy sea of information governance compliance issues.


data protection ENFORCEMENT REPORT

Baker & McKenzie’s 2016 Global Data Protection Enforcement Report provides an overview of the data protection enforcement laws in place in 37 jurisdictions around the world, describes the legal risks associated with violations of those data protection laws and summarises the enforcement activities of local regulators.



Baker & McKenzie’s FinTech site hosts a wealth of information about legal, regulatory and other developments in the FinTech industry.

2015/2016 Cloud Survey

Baker & McKenzie’s 2015/2016 Cloud Survey discusses the cloud computing challenges and opportunities that both users and providers of cloud services are seeing or expect to be managing in the near future.

surveillance law comparison guide

Baker & McKenzie's 2016 Global Surveillance Law Comparison Guide provides an overview of government surveillance and data access practices in 39 countries around the world and also summarises the related requirements for businesses (such as to install intercept capabilities and provide access to data) and rights of data subjects.