Information Governance

iG360: The Future Way Forward for Information Governance

We live in a world where the amount of data is growing exponentially, and the technology around data is evolving at lighting speed. Legislators around the world recognize the critical nature of protecting information, whether it be personal or business, and increasingly, they turn to regulating as the immediate solution. 

The Future of Compliance

The Financial Times (FT) recently recognized Baker & McKenzie's iG360 platform as a "standout" innovative solution in the compliance and technology category in Financial Times' North America Innovative Lawyers 2015 Report. 

According to the FT, compliance is an area that is "ripe" for legal technology innovation. Global companies operate in a world where legal requirements diverge and converge, and it is a challenge to remain compliant in every jurisdiction continuously. The solution is to stay proactive, and the challenge is how.

Perform Beyond the Norm

The benchmark for the FT's Report is based on "finding lawyers who perform beyond the market norm, who are unusual and deliver an exceptional contribution to clients." True innovative lawyers no longer sit in the backseat behind their clients and other advisers, "they are comfortably behind the wheel," according to the FT. Legal innovation is about taking the lead to ensure clients' compliance strategy meets their objectives and goals. 

End-To-End Compliance

iG360 is a cloud-based, end-to-end compliance solution which can be accessed on multiple platforms anywhere. Recognizing the challenges in transforming legal advice into practical compliance action plans with limited resources, iG360 provides the solution to advise clients, and simultaneously help them implement compliance programs and onboard other stakeholders in the business in an effective and efficient manner.

iG360 allows clients to move from an intermittent approach based on binders and spreadsheets to continuous compliance. Organizations cannot change course immediately, so the sooner you have knowledge of something, the better.

Contributor - Frances Chen

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