Information Governance

Maximizing SharePoint Use for Information Governance: The Door is Open

While Microsoft's SharePoint platform provides an invaluable infrastructure for enterprise content management (ECM) and information governance (IG), organizations have nonetheless struggled to realize the full potential of this innovative software. A reluctance to make SharePoint adoption an organizational priority has slowed user adoption and made it difficult to keep users engaged.

At a time where ECM and IG are more important than ever, it is essential that organizations provide users with the training and support they need to capitalize on the full arsenal of what SharePoint has to offer.

Empowering organizations to intelligently discover, share and collaborate

SharePoint is a document management and collaboration portal that allows organizations to store, organize, share and access information on-demand, from any web browser. Organizations can create and manage custom sites for group collaboration or deploy organization-wide portals to disseminate up-to-the-minute information. SharePoint can foster business solutions through data mapping and visualization, and legal compliance through workflow and audit trails. The platform can provide simple and clean views and searchable content in a highly scalable, customizable and secure environment.

An example of the organization failing the technology

Despite having a worldwide user base of over 200 million organizations, SharePoint continues to be under-utilized for ECM and IG. According to a recent survey report conducted by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), user adoption continues to be an issue for 58% of respondent organizations, with inadequate training and lack of management support being the primary problems. The report concludes that this is an indication of human deficiency rather than technological deficiency. SharePoint is easily integrated with third party solutions and it is intuitive, user-friendly and requires minimal IT knowledge on the part of the user. In the hallway of opportunities, the door to SharePoint is open -- all that an organization needs to do is walk through it.

At a time where data incessantly grows bigger and information moves faster, a comprehensive ECM and IG platform like SharePoint is an organizational asset unlike any other. It is imperative that organizations make the necessary commitment to ensure that users "buy in" to the SharePoint solution.

Contributors - Randeep Nijjar, Lisa Douglas, Nadia Rauf, and Catherine Chen